Friday, June 21, 2013


Its late at night and Keem doesn't want to sleep.  It's cool out, which is good because the power is out and I'd be missing the fan in our bedroom on any other night.  Val is laying down with Keem till he falls asleep.  He keeps getting out of bed.  Its hard to decide on what is a good idea for his habit of not staying in bed. Be firm and set the precedent of how things ought to be, or be patient.  Everything is still new, sometimes a little scary for him and we don't want to push back any of the gains we have made bonding with him.  Val has been terrific.  Very patient, but firm with him.  It is sometimes easy to forget how young he is because he is physically quite big, not chubby, but tall and broad.  And he moves very quickly!  Its nice to hear him call her "MaMa".  He has learned that recently because at the orphanage, she was always called mother.  Sometimes when I see the two of them together it almost seems surreal, other times they look so natural together, its like they have known each other for Keem's whole life.  I have started to become the fun guy to him, the tickler and the guy who will cary him on my shoulders, while Val is really becoming a mom to him.  She is the one he runs to when he is hurt.  He goes to her when he wants a drink.  She has the preferred lap when he is tired.  It is beautiful to watch this relationship grow so quickly.
Talked to my brother Greg on Skype last night.  He and his wife Courtney just had a baby boy.  Landon.  Hard to believe that the next time I see my brother, we will be introducing our new sons to each other!  So excited for them but a little sad I won't be able to hold Landon as a tiny new born.  It's funny to think back that when Ryan was born eight years ago, I really had no idea how awesome being a father would be.  Greg is in the same boat now, not even being able to fully appreciate how his life will be enriched. He will put his heart and soul into raising Landon.  It will be exciting to see their new family and I hope he experiences the same joy as I have. 


Jen said...

this was a very touching post, Derek. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I can't imagine how hard it would be to figure out some 'ground rules' for Keem. I think every parent treats their own children a bit differently (as in you probably treat Izzy differently from Ryan as their characters are different). Each mom and dad learns along with their child which discipline methods works best.
We are praying for you and Val! It sounds like you guys are already doing an AWESOME job with this little guy. Your love for him will allow you to make the right choices.
We can't wait to meet him. Our kids are so excited to meet their new cousin.
Love to you all :)

Marietta said...

following your blog - what an experience being in another country and at the same time blending a little guy into your family. There's a blogger who I think you can somewhat relate to. Her and her husband have adopted overseas and have faced many challenges.://
Enjoy your time there!

Cari Epp said...

So blessed to call you guys friends! You are both amazing parents and I'm sure everything will fall into place when you get home. Love you all!!

Wilma Pennings said...

Nice. He is just realizing what he's been missing his whole life. Mom and Dad.

Elizabeth said...

So good to hear all is going well. I can imagine it must be a bit to challenging to establish routines etc when you are trying to hang out in rented accommodation without the comforts of home. You guys are doing an amazing job down there and so embracing all the culture and food! This is a trip of life time for all of you.

kelly anne said...

We are loving your stories! It's incredible how quickly you bond with your new child isn't it? The love grows exponentially each day. We can't wait to talk to you guys! Praying for you as you figure out what your little boy needs. Looks like you're on the right path :) Lots of love, lots of prayer, lots of ice cream! My heart is full of joy thinking of Keem calling Val Mama :) Lots of love, Kelly and James