Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Got Him!

As we sit here to write this blog post, all five of our precious children are asleep in the room next to ours.
The day started off as it usually has here in Guyana.  Breakfast, followed by a looooonggg anxious wait with kids whining, fighting and itching to get out of the apartment.  We've been waiting for some paperwork to come through that needed to be picked up at the children's services office in order to bring Keem back to our apartment to begin the foster period.  He will be allowed to live with us until the court date, when he officially becomes a Slingerland.  This morning we sent out a few emails and phone calls, trying to decide if we should wait around until we heard something, or just go and wait at the home.  By 11:00 Derek had enough and we called a cab to go to the orphanage.  We had to go downtown to the Scotia bank and get some Guyanese money and it felt like it took forever to get the errands done with four kids in the back of a small taxi.  Derek got caught in a torrential downpour and was soaked to the skin for most of the day.  Derek thought it was pretty awesome being able to withdraw 30,000 dollars from the ATM machine, leaving 2 million dollars still available. Too bad it doesn't quite hold the same value!!
We were very happy to get to the orphanage, and the kids ran right upstairs as they are feeling quite at home there now.  All the kids there screamed our names as soon as they saw us, and for the first time ever Keem went to Derek instead of me!  It was a huge step and we were thrilled.
The director informed us immediately that our paperwork had come in after all and we could go pick it up after lunch and take Keem home after that!  So, once Derek went out to get the paperwork, we got as much information from the home as we could about Keem, and his stay there, and we were sent on our way.
For a kid who has hardly left the home, he had quite the day.  A ride in a taxi, first swim in a pool, watching a disney movie about chimps, eating french fries with KETCHUP (new fav. food!) was an over stimulating day for him.  The biggest change of all was having 4 brothers and sisters following him around, single file, watching his every move.  "Keem look at this!"  "Mom, look what Keem did!" "Keem, sit by me!!".......trying desperately to make him laugh, make him feel comfortable, and welcome him into the family.  It was very cute, and we were proud of our kids.  They took him in and he was their brother immediately.  Considering all this change, and the trauma of leaving his home, Keem was very brave today.  He didn't cry, in fact he spent a good part of the day giggling at the kids.  The only time I saw him apprehensive was in the pool.  Even then, he didn't really want to get out, he just didn't look like he trusted it.  It was a bit scary for him, and overwhelming.
All in all, it was a good day.  We are incredibly thankful that he is home with us, and overwhelmed by God's goodness to us in our lives.
Tomorrow we plan to relax by the pool for the day.  It will be a welcome change to the busyness of the last few days.


Wilma Pennings said...

God is good! You have your son! So so happy for all of you! Praying again for patience for all of you. Stay safe! Love you!

Jen said...

What an amazing day for you. Please tell Ryan, the twins, and Izzy that I am proud of them. they sound like they are just showering Keem with love and acceptance. way to go guys! How different it could be...
praising God for the grace he has poured on you all that you may act towards your new family member with the same gracious spirit.
looking forward to an update about your first 'normal' day :)

Elizabeth said...

What fantastic news! I am thrilled to bits for you! I can feel the joy in your kids with their new little brother. You comment about money made me smile. It is very strange to withdraw such large amounts!!! Hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow! Keem will be a swimmer very quickly with four older siblings to keep up with. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Look forward to seeing pictures when you are able to post them.

Amanda said...

How exciting! Praying for continual smooth transition!

srrraah said...

This is great news! Praising God! :)

Anonymous said...

getting worried!
normally you post everyday, is everything alright??????