Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ailments and Adoption Hearings

Tomorrow is the first of our two 'big days' here in Guyana.  At 3:00 we meet with the adoption board.  If all goes as expected we will meet with the High Court on Thursday some time (we haven't been given a specific time yet).  We are confident all will go well tomorrow, but would love your prayers regardless.  It is a bit nerve wracking all these meetings, because each step is so important and so much is at stake.
As Derek wrote last post, Keem finally got over his fever only to have a big bout of cold sores show up.  I ended up taking him to the hospital for it and got a prescription for some cream.  A few days ago we started seeing a huge improvement and started clearing up a lot.  We also realized at that time that Jack was starting to get sores in his mouth.  Now Keem is better, but Jack's mouth is so sore he hasn't been able to eat in days.  I believe it is the same thing as Keem had, but if it doesn't look better by Friday I am planning to take him to the hospital as well.  Poor Jack is so fragile already with his skinny little body, and he's also the most sensitive.  It's painful to watch him suffer through this, and although he's trying to be brave he is on the verge of tears all the time.  His mouth is bleeding, and his gums, and I'm praying it heals quickly.  I am thankful that the gas station down the road sells powdered nutritional formula, which is all he has been eating the last few days.
Other than our ailments our family is doing well here.  We have been swimming a lot, and Keem has actually gotten to the point where he jumps in on his own and floats around on his back with his life jacket.  For a kid who never went swimming before he is a natural!  It's very cute to watch him experiment.  We have been so thankful for the other families here who are adopting as well.  It's so much fun having all the kids around to play with and we have throughly enjoyed the company and new friendships we have.  We all are going through the same thing to some degree and so we all seem to understand each other.  It's also wonderful having other adults to talk to during the course of the day.
We are also incredibly thankful for our landlords, the owners of the building we are living in.  They've made us feel so welcome, and we have started to really look forward to our weekend movie evenings with them.  We feel very blessed for these small things, good company and new friends.  It makes the harder parts of being here a lot more tolerable.  It's comforting to know that God cares even about things like that.
Please pray that all will go well tomorrow, and Thursday.  And also pray Jack's mouth would heal quickly and that no more of our children will have to suffer through that.


MVD said...

Oh poor jack:(. We hope you feel better soon jack, in glad you are so brave!
Praying for the hearing tomorrow. Hope you guys get a good sleep tonight.
We miss you all a lot, And can't wait for you to return home!
Love you all!
Rick Megan Ethan Abby and Clara.

Wilma Pennings said...

Oh Jack, if it's there, you catch it! Makes me sad he got the sores. I really know what it feels like. Praying all goes smoothly tomorrow, and Jack feels better and can eat. Missing you all! Love you!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying about the hearing tomorrow and Thursday, and for poor Jack! Thanks for all the updates!
love Jannyne :)

Elizabeth said...

Best of luck with the hearings and court date on Wed. And Thurs. have been thinking of you a lot this week. So glad to hear there are other families there as well. Any of them from BC? Praying that Jack gets better soon. I think there is a medical clinic that is well regarded by expats that you might be able to take him to.

Bethany said...

Thinking and Praying for you guys! Poor Jack! We miss you and love you!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers and thoughts!
Dave and Karin vm