Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adoption Hearing Success

We've completed the first of the two meetings scheduled this week and it went very well!  Praising God for this!  Tomorrow at 2:30 we will be meeting with the High Courts and if all goes well, will have everything finalized.  Keem will legally be a Slingerland!  And he will also officially be our son (although he has already been our son in our hearts for a long time).  After our hearing tomorrow we will post a more detailed post on our experience with both hearings, but for now we are happy to share our news with you all.  We are so thankful to God that we have gotten this far and everything has gone so smoothly.  Thank you for your prayers today, we are so blessed to have such a community of friends, family and believers uplifting us in prayer during this process!
Today was a better day than yesterday.  Derek spent the night awake with Keem and let me get some sleep.  I didn't feel quite so exhausted and enjoyed the day.  I have a very thoughtful husband, and I am so thankful to have him around so much now!   Before the trip he was working so much and it's almost surreal having him around all the time now.  Keem is actually turning into quite the daddy's boy and it's awesome to watch him cling to Derek like he's always been his daddy.  I'm so relieved that he has developed such a strong bond with him because on our first trip he wouldn't even let Derek hold him.  He's come such a long way from that.  Derek already has him jumping off his shoulders in the pool!  It's very cute, and his daredevil spirit reminds me a lot of Ryan at that age.  He also has Ryan's stubborn streak which might prove to be a challenge later on!
 Jack was feeling a tiny bit better, slowly but surely he's starting to eat, laugh and smile again.  Hopefully tomorrow will be even better for him, and he will begin to be himself.
For now, the kids are all snuggled soundly in their beds, covered head to toe in baby powder so they don't stick to the sheets from the heat, and solarcane, so they don't itch the bug bites (which are hovering around 100+ a person right now).  By the time we get up north this summer my children are going to be immune to mosquitos!


Wilma Pennings said...

Is it really almost the end! Or should I say the start of the new Slingerland family!

Elizabeth said...

So happy to hear that everything went well today and that Jack is feeling better. I am very keen to hear about the two meetings as one day I hope to be in your position with a little one of my own. For now chemo #4 is on Friday. Best wishes for the final meeting tomorrow.

Rob & Jackie Deboer said...

Praising God for His wonderful generosity in your lives! Looking forward to seeing you all again....