Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eaten alive

We are starting to look like we are in Guyana.  What I mean by that, is we are all covered, head to toe with mosquito bites.  Someone told us you can tell you've been to Guyana by looking at your arms, and it really is true.  Derek is getting the least of it, and he doesn't seem to feel them at all, but myself and the kids are covered....and ITCHY.  The bugs are so small they come through the screens, and we are too cheap to pay extra to run the air all night (the meter is in our kitchen and the air causes the hydro we have left to go down dramatically, and we've begun to get quite accustomed to the hot nights, we don't really need the air on).  But, I'm sure as time goes on we will also get used to the bugs and they won't seem so bad either.  
Today we did not get to take Keem home yet.  The paperwork is getting done, but isn't quite yet there and although it was disappointing, we are trying to stay positive about it and look at the good things in it.  There is a benefit to being able to visit him at the home.  He is really starting to open up and today we heard him giggle and laugh and talk more than any other time we have before.  He sung the alphabet to me (or his version of it), spent a good half hour laughing at Ryan's games, and even started running towards Derek laughing.  It was a happy day, and although we are getting antsy not being able to have him in our home, we love the kids at the orphanage and leaving them will be hard too.
It poured rain for a lot of the day today, which was refreshing and muddy and by the end of the day our kids looked like they were vagabonds, covered in mud, sweat and mosquito scars.  It is rainy season here, but so far we have been fortunate to see a lot of sun between the rain, and the rain is a welcome relief to the extreme heat.  


Cari said...

So I guess we should have sent calamyne lotion along for the bug bites. Praying that Keem gets to come stay with you guys soon. Miss you all!!!

MVD said...

Miss you guys! Sorry I keep missing your FaceTime chats:(.
Love you guys!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I have emailed you and so happy we are able to connect. Wishing you relief against the Mosquitos. My iPad insists on a capital M! I wonder if the Guyana Stores down by the library sells mosquito tents or nets that you could hang over your beds at night? Hope tomorrow is the day, but know you will make the best of what tomorrow brings.