Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthdays and Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy has prevented us from taking Keem home today.  We were hoping to go to the orphanage this morning, and pick him up, beginning our 'fostering period' with him, but red tape has slowed down the process once again.  We are hopeful that it will happen tomorrow, and it won't have any impact on our court date.  The people who are helping us down here are doing their best to move it along so we aren't too worried.
On the up side, it was Jack and Kaylie's birthday today!  Seven years's hard to believe it's been that long since they were tiny little premies! Seems like just yesterday we were camped out in the hospital in London for two weeks with our two little tiny babies.  It's amazing how time flies, and we are so incredibly thankful for them.  They were great at the orphanage today.....Kaylie has been working hard at winning Keem over, and has been sharing her things with lots of the other kids at the orphanage (this doesn't come naturally for her).  Jack is a natural with little kids, he seems to have a sensitivity that most seven year old's don't often have.  He is probably the one of our kids who has been spending the most time with Keem, trying to make him feel comfortable, playing with him and loving him.  
I spent the morning on the rooftop doing our laundry (with an incredible view of the ocean, brown as it is!) and Derek took the twins to the market down the road to pick up some fruit and veggies.  Mangos, pineapples, good here!  He also picked up some kind of herb that is in everything here, and I made my first attempt at a traditional Guyanese cookup for lunch.  Cookup is basically rice, boiled in coconut milk and spices and mixed with veggies, chickpeas, and meat (although we didn't have meat so ours was vegetarian).  Not too bad for a first try....needed more spice (Derek said needed more meat).  Jack and Ryan loved it, and loaded it up with green seasoning sauce (which is Jacks new favourite condiment, a mixture of chives, garlic, pepper, ginger, thyme and vinegar).  We are definitely developing a taste for spicy guyanese food.
Keem was very relaxed today.  As soon as we got to the home he made a beeline for me and pretty much never left my side unless I passed him to Derek.  He was much more comfortable switching back and forth between the two of us compared to yesterday.  We were able to spend a lot of time outside today because it wasn't near as hot as days before, and the staff only let a handful of kids outside at a time so it wasn't utter chaos.  
We snuck out after supper, because long goodbyes are very hard for Keem, and yesterday he cried himself to sleep when we left.  We can't wait to bring him to our temporary home here in East Bank Demerara, and not have to say goodbye again.


Elizabeth said...

So sorry you didn't get to bring Keem back to the apartment today. Prayers that it works out tomorrow. Does your place have a pool? I know one family stayed in a place with a pool. So neat that you can see the ocean. Make sure you take the kids to the Botanical Gardens to see the manatees. They are cool and the locals feed them grasses from around the side of the pond.

Anonymous said...
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valerie grace said...

Yes, we are staying at the same apartment with the pool! And we are definitely going to the Botanical Gardens! Was your adoption going to be from Guyana?? I left a comment on your blog, but we are praying for you during this trying time. I can imagine it's heartbreaking. Praying you still may adopt one day.

Wilma Pennings said...

Yay for the day when you don't have to say good-bye! I'm happy the kids are adjusting so well. And good for Kaylie to be so generous! Jack always was a soft hearted guy. Ryan is tough and Izzy is just sweet! Love you all!