Saturday, February 09, 2013


We had a relaxing day with Akeem today.  He was pretty tired so he slept on me all morning.  We had the privelage of meeting a woman this morning who was volunteering at the home when Akeem was 4 months old.  Over time she noticed he was very shy and quiet and she spent a lot of time with him, bonding and showing him love.  This was great news for us to hear!! And also a huge comfort to find out she still volunteers there every week and will be there after we leave on Monday.  He's quite attached to her and it makes us feel a lot more at ease about leaving him.  She also says she has many baby pictures of him which is a treasure for us!  It was an answer to prayer to meet her today.
Another amazing thing Derek thought of yesterday was this:  it was on our trip to myrtle beach in the second week of October 2010 that Derek and I started praying about the possibility of adopting.  We both read Russel Moore's book "adopted for life" and at the end of the week we were both certain adoption was to be in our future.  We booked our pride course and called a practitioner when we got home.  That same week in October, we started thinking that there could be a child out there already born, or in the womb, that was meant for us.  We prayed specifically for birth moms and their babies in the womb.  Also in that same week in October,   Akeem was born!!  October 11, our third day in myrtle beach.  It's unbelievable to see Gods hand in our lives even when we weren't aware of it!!  


Cari&Ral said...

Wow how amazing! So glad to hear Akeem will have someone to comfort him when u guys leave.

Rachel said...

It's amazing to hear about how God has been working in the background of your adoption story. It is incredible how He prepared your hearts at the exact right time to pray for Akeem. God bless you in the rest of this adoption journey!

MVD said...

I thought about this when you told me his birthday:). I knew that was the trip where Derek had his head buried in that book, and it was talked about a lot that trip:). Was thinking how awesome that while we talked about it, he was born:) very cool:)

Anonymous said...

This really is amazing!
We serve a Great God!!
I am ordering that book, and now I can't wait to read it!