Thursday, February 07, 2013

Interview success!

Our interview with the adoption board was this morning.  It went very well!  They are thrilled that we want to adopt Akeem,  and after our interview we are confident she will recommend us to the courts. So all the official stuff we had to do this week is done.  We spent some time after our interview with the woman interviewing us, and we were excited to find out that some of the kids in the orphanage are already beig adopted and going to Canada shortly.  Also they are starting up a foster care system here in Guyana which is much better for nurturing children.  Now all we do is wait.......our lawyer here will make a formal application to the courts and when we get back to Canada he will inform us of a date.  We are so thankful to God for his goodness in bringing us this far!!  And so thankful the official part of this trip is done and what needed to get done was finished.  Such a relief!!
The rest of the day we spent at the home with Akeem.  He was much more relaxed around us today.  Smiling and laughing and playing....a side we had not seen much of yet.  We were so happy to see him relax and it was exciting to see his personality start to come through.  He started playin with the other kids and was running around after Derek even.  It was really exciting!  We are worried that he will have a very hard time on Monday when we don't show up, because he is getting attached to us it might be hard.  Pray that he might be able to adjust to that easily and that he won't be too upset after we leave!  We've had a really exhausting day and the heat took a lot out of Derek (I quite like it :). So we are going to keep it short.  More tomorrow.......!


cari and raleigh said...

Praise God for his many blessings!

Alysia bakker said...

Amazing :) praying all goes well !!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Enjoy the rest of your time with Akeem!
Is there some way you can connect with him during the months before you go back? Waiting will be hard for him... time is such a hard concept for little ones to understand. I'll be praying for him :)

Rosanna Klok said...

Hey Val and Derek,
We are so glad to hear all went well with the interview and all things legal. We have been following along with your updates. Everytime there's another one I tell Jacob and he has to go online right away and check it out :) We are living vicariously through you.Praying your return home goes well and that Our's and Akeem's heavenly Father surrounds him and you with comfort and peace.
love Rosanna and Jacob