Friday, February 08, 2013

No snow in Guyana

We spent another day at the orphanage today.  Derek and I both noticed a huge difference in the kids today.  The first couple days we were an odd site to them, they loved climbing on us, looking for things in our pockets and backpacks and playing with our phones.  We were a novelty.  Today it felt like the novelty had worn off and the kids were all of the sudden starving for our attention.  The other children were jealous of our attention to Akeem and he would get very jealous if we paid any attention to them.  They would fight to sit on our laps to the point of hurting each other to get there.  Randy threw a huge hour long temper tantrum that ended in vomiting because he so badly wanted Derek's attention.  Kevin kept pulling Derek's hair hard and hitting the others who were on his lap.  Akeem bit me, hard! I think he was angry that so many others wanted my attention.  It was a tiring day of crying and we were both exhausted by the end of the day.  On the plus side, Akeem sat with Derek on his own accord and ate some Oreos for about half an hour.  Progress!!! :). 
After we got back from lunch at the Guinness bar we have been walking to every day, it was much more quiet at the home.  The girls there kept the others away from us so we could have some quiet time with Akeem.  Today was sweltering hot and Akeem was not very active.....but neither were we.  We were happy to sit in the hallway in whatever breeze we could find and just enjoy our son to be.  
We are loving it here in georgetown.  It is a crazy city.  Derek and I walk to the stabroek market every day after we visit Akeem and buy fruit.  I still can't get over the market.  It's unlike anything we've ever experienced.  Packed full of people, taxis, minibuses, dogs and garbage, there are people selling underwear, sunglasses, pirated DVDs, mangos, pineapple, chicken feet, fried plantains, chopping up fish.  It smells like sweat, diesel fumes, sewage, and curry mixed in with fresh ocean air, and fruit.  Everyone asks if we are Canadians, and my softie husband gives money to everyone who asks for it (which is almost everyone who talks to us).  Another thing we've noticed about this city is the music.  Everywhere you go there is music BLARING.  Usually it's crazy loud rap and once in a while they will throw in an old Celine dion song or a Bryan Adams song.  We hear loud music as we lie in bed at midnight, cars drive by at all hours blaring it.  We also hear wild barking dogs all night long.  Yesterday there were 8 wild dogs on the street in front of our hotel.  No one owns them they are just street dogs.  Our room has an air conditioner but it is by no means airtight.  There are several places that are open to the outdoors from our room so it is not sound proof.  As we sit here and write this there is a man living in a house beside the hotel, who is welding in his dining room.  We know this because half the roof is missing on his house and we can see right inside his house.  This is his second night of welding.  I lost count of my mosquito bites at 63.  I wish I had remembered my bug time I will remember!  Tomorrow night we will talk about the driving....a whole post right there!!  We love G town....a crazy wild place unlike anywhere we've ever been.  We heard everyone has a big snow storm in Ontario......that means its a good week to be here :). 


Scott Slingerland said...

sounds like you guys are having a great time. cant wait to hear more stories when you are home. we in our home currently have 8 children, three being yours :) What an exciting snow day for the cousins, sleep overs and no school. the kids are having a great time and so are we. see you all in 3 days. kaylie wants to tell you she lost her tooth.

Pieter VanderMeyden said...

Visiting a third world country is indeed a cultural shock. It helps us experience what privileges we have. The need of those people tears at your heart. I remember our experience the first time Marg and I visited Guatemala. Our prayers are with you. May the Lord open the way for you to bring Akeem home in due time. May the love of the Father who adopted us through His Son be with you, and may the Spirit of adoption also rest upon Akeem (Rom.8:15)

Anonymous said...

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