Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another Awesome Day

We arrived at the home this morning to find a dozen three, four and five year olds running down the hallway yelling "Akeems Mudder" and pointing at Val! It was pretty awesome.  Akeem is coming out of his shell more and more everyday.  He had a big hug and kiss for Val as soon as he saw her.  Although he doesn't appreciate a hug from me yet, he gives me high fives and will smile at me.  He also enjoys playing hide and seek and loves when I chase him.  I'm ok with this because it was a little expected.  I am thrilled at how much he is attaching to Val.  We just hope that when we leave, it won't be disappointing for him and hurt him more than if we had never come.  Not to brag, but all the other kids love me there.  They are crazy about my iphone and love being able to see themselves being videoed.  A lot of the older kids are very wild and hyper, and the workers have a hard time controlling them when we are there.  There are several kids there with severe mental and physical disabilities, and others with medical issues.  It's heart breaking but they are being well taken care of. 
Meal times there are a riot.  After meal time it looks like an explosion of fruit and noodles.  I have the pleasure of cleaning that up, while Val gets to cuddle with Akeem.  I had two beautiful kids, Terri Anne and Devon, sweep up the whole room with me today.  (The broom is made from a big wad of grass held together with wires).  I noticed today live wires from a broken outlet, hanging out from the wall right in front of the dining room where the kids walk by everyday.  I put my bag down there and the woman beside me said, "Watch out those are live current"!  Tomorrow I'm going to ask Jermaine where I can buy some electrical tape.  I took some pictures to show our home study practitioner in Ontario.  It was a short visit today because we had an appointment at the lawyers at 2:30.  It was hard saying good bye because for the first time he was upset that we were leaving.  We don't even want to begin to think about what it is going to be like having to say good bye to him on Sunday.
On a very exciting note.....We got an interview!!!  This is what we were praying for and hoping would take place before we left!  We would have had to make an extra trip if we had not received this interview in time. We meet with the adoption board tomorrow at 10 am (9 am back home) and once approved our papers are allowed into the court system in Guyana.  This is our last scheduled meeting here in Guyana, but it's also the most important one this trip.
We are overwhelmed at the amount of people who are supporting us through this!  Following our story, reading our blog, commenting, praying for us!!  We feel so blessed by all of our friends, family, and everyone else who has been following our story.  Thank you!!
We also hope this blog is able to bring to attention, and put a personal face on the needs of the very vulnerable people in this world.  


cari and raleigh said...

Wow what a blessing to get the interview!! Its always amazing and reassuring to see God's hand in our lives

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that you got the interview booked!!
We just finalized our adoption, and it is so interesting reading about yours. So totally different, yet in the end I pray we will be the same, blessed with another child to nuture and love as our own. A child to be taught of Jesus, and His love for little children!
God Bless

Wilma Pennings said...

Wonderful to get your interview. One more step to the finish line! I will be praying for you when you leave Sunday. It will be hard. Your kids back home will happy to see you!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear that everything is going well! Thanks for the updates-we are praying for you!!

Love, Mike,Victoria,Ezra and Josiah