Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet moment :)

I haven't really had much to say lately.....things are at a stand still I guess. Just lots of waiting.
A really sweet thing happened to me the other day though. I had the kids with me at the grocery store and while I was grabbing my items the cashier was entertaining them.
(As an aside note, we really haven't sat down with our kids and said 'for sure, we are adopting, and this is how and when....', so we really have no idea how they feel about the situation. We have been slowly introducing the idea of adoption to them though, so that it is a normal idea.)
So, to get back to my story the kids were in the cart at the store, and they were talking to the cashier who was a nice middle aged woman. The woman said to them,

"My, your mom has her hands full with you guys doesn't she?!"

and Ryan said to her

"YEAH. But not full enough because we are getting another one! But not through the tummy, through adoption."

then Jack chimes in:

"Yeah and she's not gonna be white, she's gonna be BLACK, but that's okay"

Ha! I guess my kids have a general idea of what is going on after all!!
What is sweet about it all is how proud they were. They were talking about it as if it was the best thing that was ever going to happen to them. They were proud to say they were going to be big brothers again! I almost got a little teary eyed listening to the conversation. The poor cashier didn't know what to say. She just giggled nervously as I paid. Funny!

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jen said... sweet...I got a little teary reading it! so excited for you guys! can't wait to hear your news! :O)