Monday, March 07, 2011

Telling our other children

When we first came to the realization that adoption was the way we would be going, we didn't really tell our children. Our oldest is 6 and our youngest is 2, we thought a wait of 2 or more years would be a long time for little munchkins to understand. But we did slowly start to introduce the idea to them. At supper we always have devotions and prayer with our kids and so one day we suggested that we pray for the orphans in the world. Kaylie, who is 4 said "what's an orphan?". So we explained how there are many children in the world who have no mom's and dad's and that they are called orphans. "That's horrible!" she cried. "They should come and live here, we have lots of room for orphans"

Well, that was easy :)

Everyday we talk a bit more about that idea. One day Derek said to them "What if we did take one of those orphans to live here with us?" Ryan said, " That would be great!" Derek said "Well, what if the one we took home had different color skin then you....maybe a bit darker? Maybe even black?"

(Awkward Silence)

Ryan : "Well that is no big deal, when they move here they won't be in the sun as much, so their tan will go away and they will be more pink"

(oh boy....)

Jack: "Ummmmm. That wouldn't be good. It would be really wierd."

Yikes. I guess we have a bit of work to do. Actually, since then Jack has gotten used to that idea.
They have no time frame in their minds except for "one day, when our baby comes home...." and for now, that is good enough.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're doing it wisely - as it becomes more certain, you can tell them some more. By the time, all is complete, they will be familiar with all of this.
Love, Aunt Marietta