Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Big Step!

Hi Friends :)

I am happy to say that our home study sessions that we started in January are almost done !!!!!!
We've had several meetings with our practitioner, and I think that maybe, perhaps, possibly, last Wednesday was our last meeting.

(See how sure I am of this? lol!)
In case you don't know, the home study is something that is required by the government in order for you to adopt, internationally or locally. They are done by Family And Children's Services when you are adopting through FACS, or in our case by a private adoption practitioner if you are adopting internationally or privately.
I have to say, the home study process has been very overwhelming. Hundreds of questions about your life, your childhood, your marriage, your faith, discipline, finances, lifestyle, and anything else you could possibly think of was covered in the home study. There is also a short 'interview' with your children and without you. It's a bit unnerving having someone you don't know come into your home, so you can spill your entire life details out for them while they write it all down on a notepad!
The next step is WAITING again.


Our practitioner will review our session notes and write a report on us either recommending us or not recommending us for adoption. And then once we are recommended

(see how I've disregarded the second option?)

she sends the report to the government to get an official letter of approval from them, which will go in our file and will come with us to Guyana! This is about a 3-6 month wait.......sigh.

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Carole said...

Hey Val! I'm glad that this stage is over for you, I don't think I would enjoy it much. :) Exciting that you are one step closer, we are still praying for you!!