Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on our situation

A few weeks ago we posted that we needed extra prayer because of a situation concerning our adoption. At the time, our agency contacted us and wanted to know if we would be willing to take two children. A woman approached the Red Cross in Guyana giving her intent to put her two little girls up for adoption, as long as they weren't split up. This was a very unique request considering we hadn't finished our homestudy, we hadn't officially signed on with the agency or paid our retainer fee. In addition to this, Guyana does not operate on a referral system. Although we weren't considering taking two children at the time, we readily accepted. The reason why we didn't post this on line was because it was very tentative and up in the air, but we needed your prayers and we thank you for doing so without knowing the reasons behind it! We didn't hear from our agency for several weeks, but in those weeks we applied for citizenship for a second child just in case. We found out yesterday however, that this adoption of the two girls is not going to go through. The mother has decided to keep her girls and raise them herself. While this has obviously been disappointing for us, it's good to hear that the family is staying together. We had been praying for the mother from the beginning, and we're glad she is in a place that she feels that she can take care of her children.

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