Monday, July 08, 2013

Derek's Kaieteur Falls Video #2

It was the trip of a lifetime, something I dreamed of doing ever since I heard of the falls two and a half years ago when we started researching Guyana, but really an the kind of adventure I've dreamed of my whole life!   I went with Brock, one of the other Dads here, and we flew out of Ogle Airport, just down the road from our place.  The flight itself was worth the price.  ($27,000 or $140 Can)  Flying over the vast jungle,winding mudy creeks, tiny villages and the mighty Demarara and Esequibo rivers was breath taking, and you realy get an idea of how remote and rugged this country is.  After forty minutes the flat, swampy rainforest turns to mountainous plateaus covered in thick jungle.  And then you see it and its almost surreal.  Our pilot did a fly by and landed on an airstrip close by.  After a twenty minute hike, this was our first view from land.

We hiked along the ravine and took in the view from several vantage points.   What is really awesome about Kaieteur is that there are no gates, fences, garbage, graffiti, security guards or crowds of people.  The Falls and the whole area is completely pristine.  The canyon walls have a sharp edge and concave walls which gives you a great opportunity to lay on the edge and peak over it!

To give this perspective, Kaieteur is 741 feet high, making it the highest single drop water falls in the world.  It is roughly five times the height of Niagara!  Just being that close it stirs up so many strange feelings.  One is in complete awe at its power and it makes you feel pretty small and insignificant. Getting up after laying on the edge left me trembling!

Years from now, I want to take the family back to Guyana, and show Keem where he came from. And take the boys back to the falls, maybe by boat part way up the river and then hike the rest of the way in.  (Its a five day trip if you take a plane back home.)


Lynn's Place said...

So nice one of the dreams have come through for your family, now to get the Keem dream finalized and life will seem so you know your loved by many and sending lots of prayers for you all along with some healing ones for them boils...YIKES!! not much fun in blessed Slingerland family..
<((>< LYNN BLACK :)

FamilyHighlights said...

Absolutely amazing!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the photos, videos and your experience. It most certainly is the trip of a lifetime. Not sure I could do it. I am a bit of a clutz at times! I had hoped to go see the falls on my next trip to Guyana but that is all on hold now. Thank you again for sharing. It is absolutely, pristine country!

Marietta said...

me no like your lack of hair Derek.
me no like you on the edge of the falls.

Seriously, you have seen stunning creation! Do you know why it's so pristine? Because no one dares to be on top there!