Sunday, July 07, 2013

BBQ's and Boils

Not a lot new to report today.  We are currently waiting on the Guyanese birth/adoption certificate to come in, which hopefully will be done by Wednesday at the latest.  Then, we will apply for a Guyanese passport.  The waiting is tough, we love it here, but now we are excited to get home.
We are all dealing with skin boils, which I think are just from the unbelievable amount of mosquito bites/open wounds on the kids especially, combined with foreign bacteria.  They are extremely painful for the kids especially and we can't seem to stay completely healthy here!   I am also very much looking forward to eating healthy again as it is a challenge to do that here.  A lot of the food here is amazing, but I miss salads, and my stomach will be very thankful to be back home.  Aside from all that though, things are going well here.  Last night we were treated by the owners of the apartment building we live in to a real Guyanese BBQ by the pool.  It was so generous of them, and so much fun.  We had some of the best beef, chicken, mutton and fish that we've ever had, BBQed over a hot coal/wood BBQ.  There was so much to eat that all five couples there went home with enough for a full meal for their families!!  Afterwards we had a karaoke night, complete with the mic and screen.  It was so much fun, and we all had a great time!  My favourite was watching Derek, the owner of our apartment, his friend and the two other dad's here sing their version of Queen's "We are the Champions".  Very entertaining to say the least.  There are so many things about being here that we love, it will be very hard to leave.  But home is looking very good to us at the same time, and we will be thrilled to come home.
As I write this, Derek is soaring high above the clouds in a mini plane on his way to Kaieteur Falls with one of our friends here.  This is, for Derek, a trip of a lifetime.  He's wanted to do a trip like this for as long as I've known him.  They will fly to the waterfall, which is about 5 times taller than Niagara Falls, without barriers.  I think they get a few hours to explore the falls, and then fly home around 4 pm.  I would have loved to go with him, but it's not easy to get a sitter around here (unless you count the fish lady who offered a few weeks ago I don't think I know any teenage girls who would be willing around here!  I knew I should have brought Rachel or Macayla!).  I also felt a bit nervous about both of us going on the same plane.  I am sure it will be a very exciting and safe trip, but I didn't want to go with him on the chance that something happened, or even delayed them coming home.  Praying they will return safely and I'm so excited for Derek!  He will be in his element.


Wilma Pennings said...

Oh no, if it isn't one thing... I just wish you were home! Hope these boils go away, but you should find out where these sores and the mouth sores came from! Take care of each other! Praying always.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about the boils. Can you get ointment or cream for them from one of the clinics? I had heard about the Kaiteur Falls and would love to have made that trip but was worried about the plane and the mosquitos inland. Hopefully Derek took some photos. I have heard the falls are spectacular!

Greg Slingerland said...

I just looked up Kaieteur Falls on google images. It reminded me of one of those movies where people are canoeing along and then hear the sound of a waterfall in the distance. I'm sure it was quite the adventure.