Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waiting and Surrender

So we are waiting......still.

Everything happens in God's time.

It sounds very cliche but it is crucial.  Truthfully, If we had gotten our phone call when we were hoping to get it, we would not have been ready.  We thought we were but God has the bigger picture and He knew we needed time.  I thank Him every day for His perfect timing.  That is what keeps us focused.  We have the best laid out plans for ourselves but God knows better and His purposes are better then we could imagine.  If His plan is not adopting a baby from Guyana, what He does have planned is much better for us then that. Maybe His plan is just to keep us waiting for a while longer, and that is okay too.  We have not given up at all, just changed our perspective.  The last few months have really taught us to depend on God for everything and it is very freeing in many ways.  The stress of worrying about what might happen and when is gone and it's just about Him and His plan.  It's a good place to be, but also a difficult road to get to that place.

Surrender is not easy.

Surrender is what He wants from us!

I appreciate all of you who are supporting us in your own way, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

We understand the waiting, although it hasn't been as long as you. But, there is a reason. Some family members were a little leary (to say the least) about our adoption plan at first, but that has all changed now as we continue our wait. They have all come to know and truly love and care for our precious foster baby now, and they are now anticipating making him their new nephew. God has definitely led us in patience and trusting in Him. We are hopeful that the wait is almost over. Praying your wait too, may soon be over.