Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Strange Philanthropist

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about our adoption is “how much is this going to cost?”  Most people ask out of curiosity, with obviously no harm meant.  Val and I have however been cautioned by other adoptive parents to not tell people the cost, just to avoid gossip about “how much they bought their baby for.”  I will tell you though, international adoptions are quite costly.  Parents are responsible to pay for the Pride course and home study (social workers can charge fifty dollars per hour for driving to your house!) legal retainer fees, immigration fees and all travel costs.  No money is ever given to the birthparents.  Val has worked hard to find savings at home and I have tried to work as much part time work as possible to prevent us from having to borrow to much.  It has been a financial burden but one well worth bearing.
Today a very generous friend has helped lighten our load though.  It all came about in a strange way.  We were in Myrtle beach, South Carolina with a huge group of family and friends.  A close friend of my parents approached us and told us he would like to donate some money towards our adoption costs, but he had some conditions.  He wanted to see my dad, who is a real man’s man, sit down and get a pedicure, for a full twenty minutes, nails coloured and all, with out knowing the conditions attached to it.  We racked our brains, trying to think of who would do it and how to get him to agree to it without telling him why.  Then it came to us, our sister in law Becky has never shied away from doing anything and Dad would probably just go along with it, just because it is just “Becky being Becky”.  She agreed and did a wonderful job.  She just went to work, without asking him.  Dad squirmed a little and looked very sheepish as a crowd started to gather around him, pointing and clicking pictures.  Our friend sat in the chair next to him, with a look of pure bliss on his face.  When Dad’s nails got painted purple and pink our friend snapped some more pictures, promising to throw them all on Facebook!  We are very grateful for our strange philanthropist friend and all our friends and family who are supporting our adoption.

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Canadian Willy said...

Pink and purple go well with tanned feet. What a super guy, your Dad, too!