Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Citizenship part one !!!

Well it has been a while since I've posted anything. Sorry about that, there had really been nothing notable happening here on the adoption front to tell you about. Also, there was a few weeks we were without Internet. But now we are back online, and there are a few new things happening! 
A while back (I think March) we applied for citizenship for our child or children (we applied for two children thinking we might get two girls). When you apply for citizenship you have to do it in two parts. First you have to prove you are Canadian. You do this by getting all your important documents notarized by a notary public, then sending them off with a payment.  Normally it takes 27 weeks to get Part 1 approved.  So we were thinking that we would hear from the government sometime at the end of August or even September.  Well, last week we got our Part 1 approval in the mail!!!  Very exciting for us to get it so quickly!  It is one less thing we have to wait for.  
Now we are waiting for our letter of approval from the government of Ontario saying we are "fit to be parents".  That piece of paper we are thinking will come in about 8 weeks, so by the end of August maybe a bit sooner.  And after that, we can officially start looking.  That doesn't mean we will be travelling any time soon though.  Most likely we will be making lots of phone calls with our agency, trying to figure out the best time for us to go to Guyana, waiting until we know there may be children available to be adopted.  
But, it's nice to have another step in the process complete :)  
I am going to add this letter to my ever growing file folder, which is, believe it or not, neatly organized.  If you know me at all, being organized has not always been a strong trait of mine!!  But I think that being a naturally disorganized person has actually been a good thing for me in the long run.  I tend to get a bit anxious about my weakness (worried I may lose something or misplace an important document) and that leads me to over-compensate. So I actually end up being super organized, in a forced, obsessive kind of way.  My file folder is probably the most organized thing I've ever put together.  There are triple photocopies of every document and everything is labeled with a label maker which makes it look neat and tidy :)  It makes me feel less chaotic about everything when I see everything on my end is in order! 

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