Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adopted For Life

A friend sent me a link today for this and I had to share it.

This book, Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore is AMAZING. It was the turning point in our decision to adopt. Every person who is thinking about adoption, has family or friends who are thinking about adoption, or really just if you are part of a church family, or community should READ THIS BOOK. Really, if you are reading my blog I guess that puts you into the "friend or family who is planning to adopt" catagory. So you need this book. It's free, and it's an audio download so you can listen to it while you work.
But it's only available for February. So, get going ;)

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Anita said...

We love this book too! I can hardly imagine being able to read it and not end up adopting, it is such an excellent book. :-) We read it a while after we got AnnaMae and it was such an encouragement to us! That's great that it is a free download right now. I think I need to post a link to it on my blog too. :-)